A Word From the Author

There are no coincidences. If you are reading this material, you were surely meant to read The Teaching of Little Crow.

Though presented through fictional format, you may find yourself resonating with the spiritual teachings throughout the story. Little Crow’s Divine education may offer new insight to your own pathway while providing methods by which you may apply these simple truths to your own life. This story will serve as a primer for those who are returning to unity consciousness and the true Twin Flame relationship.

Some may view this work as “New Age,” while others will recognize the content as the oldest, simplest truths, resurfacing at a time when our hearts have called to the heavens to help us remember who we are.

For anything in the story that seems “out there” to you, just allow it to be part of a wonderful tale without attaching any judgment. When the time is right for you, the seed may flourish and come into its natural beauty and perspective.

All things described in the book have been achieved and/or documented from the experiences of beings who, like you, have incarnated and walked the same pathway.

Whether you enjoy this story as pure fiction or take the teachings to heart, I surround you with my embrace of love and light.

--Angelina Heart