Living The Divine Heart

Living The Divine Heart
$17.95 (CD)
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Finally, Proven Techniques To:
  • Connect with your Twin Flame
  • Create the Heart Womb Vortex
  • Use the Heart Womb Vortex of Creation


  • Instructional information about your Twin Flame
  • How to attract your twin flame in the world
  • Proven exercises to connect with them
  • Instruction on how to create and utilize the heart womb

The exercises, set to unforgettable original compositions, are designed to assist the atomic attraction between twin flames.

This dynamic audio experience is designed to instruct the listener in the technique of creating and utilizing the Heart Womb Neutronic Vortex. Exercises imprint vibration into the cells to assist atomic reorganization. Each exercise begins with “Creating the Heart Womb”, followed by a specific creation, such as, “New Divine Body.” If you own an MP3 player, you may wish to record your favorite(s) so you may listen with earphones. After repeated use, you will discover you can draw these frequencies through intent and feeling alone and the guided exercises will no longer be required.

Track Selections

Track 1: Preface

Track 2: Twin Flames Explained

Track 3: Attracting Your Twin Flame

Track 4: Assisting the Atomic Shift of Earth

Track 5: The New Divine Body

Warning: Do not perform excercises while operating machinery!

Angelina Heart

Angelina Heart, a spiritual teacher and speaker, is the author of the award winning novel, The Teaching of Little Crow, the journey of the soul; a compelling romantic tale about Twin Flames brilliantly woven with Ascended Master teachings about the reunification process.

This production also includes the collective contribution of Marisa Morin, her Beloved Twin Flame, and spirit guides.


The musical selections within this CD were drawn from the Original Music Soundtrack created for the audiobook version of The Teaching of Little Crow. You can hear this beautiful music in its entirety.

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The musical soundtrack is available for purchase in CD & MP3 format.

Living the Divine Heart

Produced By:

Angelina Heart, Heart Flame Publishing

Steve Lemmon, Spiral Recording Studios

Recorded At:

Spiral Recording Studios, St. George Utah

Musical Selections written by:

Steve Lemmon

Performed by:

Steve Lemmon

Ryan Tilby

Brittany Tilby

Drew Williams

Twin Flame Meditation CD / Download

Living the Divine Heart

$17.95 - CD Format

$15.00 - MP3 Download