The Cast

The Teaching of Little Crow
The Journey of the Soul

Our cast of characters was drawn from the audio bank of Spiral Studios. These multi-talented actors bring their varied experience ranging from audio acting, film, radio, stage, and television, to assist publishers transform their written creations to audio in a format that “edu-tains”. If you have interest in taking your written work to an audio format as a full-cast, multi-voice, or solo narration, or if you desire direct communication with any of the cast of The Teaching of Little Crow, please contact Spiral Studios: (435) 652-9595 Or,

Angelina Heart Narrator
Richard Hill Dylan Crow
Vickie Moyle Nikki James
  Janet Langston
Doug Caputo Joe Chatauk
  St. Germain
  Doc O'Donohue
  Mr. Croxford
Carole Coombs Grace Moon
Robyn Hampton Peggy
  Mrs. Walsh
  Mrs. Ammot
  Sam's Wife
Adam Marchant Peter Laslow
  Dr. Whitting
Jim Henning Mic
Ron Gorman Da
  Dr. Reichman
Marisa Morin Marsha
Joe Konzak Robert Dansboro
  Rick Snow
Peg Durham Mum
Ethan Ahlin Hal Hannigan
  Howard Holbrook
Julie Hancock Indian waitress
Sam Payne Sam James
Steve Lemmon Misc. Supporting Characters
Ryan Tilby Misc. Supporting Characters