ANGELINA HEART TAKES THE LISTENER ON A JOURNEY OF EXPLORATION OF THE SOUL, ITS REINCARNATION, AND ITS PLACE IN THE WORLD. Dylan Crow, movie star and musician, meets Nikki James, a mystic imbued with spiritual gifts. Recognizing that Crow is her "other half," Nikki seeks to bring out his spiritual side as the two embark on a romantic and vividly sexual relationship. Angelina Heart narrates the story with silken tones, Richard Hill performs as Crow in a gentle Irish brogue, and Vickie Moyle portrays Nikki in a soft, soothing voice. Other actors perform the rest of the characters. Angelina Heart takes the listener on a journey of exploration of the soul, its reincarnation, and its place in the world.
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...the story could seduce the most cynical readers (listeners). It is sexy, shamanic, original, and captivating!
Thomas Red Tree, Magical Blend Magazine

AN ENGAGING STORY FILLED WITH MEMORABLE CHARACTERS, LIFE AFFIRMING METAPHYSICS, AND SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS FROM BEGINNING TO END. Highly recommended, especially for students of Metaphysics and Spirituality, and who are themselves in search of some higher consciousness and meaning within their own lives.
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Sample of Reader Reviews

FINALLY, A TRUE LOVE STORY! I wasn't 5 minutes into the story line when I was taken away into the magic, depth, purity and brilliance of this fine work. From the beautiful background music to the eloquent narration of the author and talented actors, you feel your soul advancing in ways you thought not possible. It's not only a Teaching for Little Crow, but a divine teaching for all who hear and feel its light. God bless Angelina Heart for such an undertaking. She managed to take a subject of such spiritual substance and translate it into a story that can touch deeply all who hear it. I applaud her spiritual maturity and artistry. I only hope there is a movie in the works...
Patricia Fairfield, Novato, CA

A STORY TO SAVOR! Like a fine wine, The Teaching of Little Crow is a story that should be savored. Just as the human soul, this story is multidimensional in its scope; addressing the evolution of man from ego consciousness to his Christ consciousness. Although the story alone is compelling and the characters endearing, the layers of esoteric teachings within the text beg for a second and third reading with a highlighter pen in hand. Little Crow is not only thought provoking, but soul provoking – encouraging the reader to honestly appraise his own journey. There is a language spoken in this story that bypasses the conscious mind and communicates directly with the heart, where all things are remembered. Truly a treasure trove!
Valere Althouse, author of What You Need is What You’ve Got; Discover, Develop, and Use Your Inner Resources (Texas, USA)

A BEAUTIFUL BOOK! Exciting, brilliantly woven, and most of all, profound. The Teaching of Little Crow is a magnificent love story that stirs deep memory in each of us – memory of our Twin Flame and of the role that Twin Flames will have in returning the world to Love and unity. Angelina Heart is a compelling writer who holds your attention every moment, whether unfolding a good story or spiritual truths. The presence of this book affirms what I have received through the Messages from God – that it is now time for uniting Twin Flames here on Earth as part of humanity’s awakening.
Yael Powell, author of Say Yes to Love, God Explains SoulMates and Say Yes to Love, God Unveils SoulMate Love and Sacred Sexuality

I LOVE THIS BOOK! When I was a boy I read some fiction, the usual and, of course, the required for literature appreciation courses. Some of what I read was good; some bored me almost to tears. I enjoy reading science, but fiction I left behind years ago. So, the book I am about to recommend, I would never have read if a very good friend had not written it and asked for my opinion. After reading it, I think I will take another look at fiction, for this is truly a wonderful story--not just a story, but an inspirational spiritual love story. (Believe it everyone--I read a love story). The book is titled The Teaching of Little Crow. The story is full of metaphysical teachings, layered upon each other, and woven intricately in a tapestry of human emotions among characters that truly come to life as you turn the pages. It's no wonder the book has received such great reviews. I love the book.
Dr. Eldon Taylor, author of Choices & Illusions, Subliminal Learning, Subliminal Communication, and Thinking Without Thinking; Who’s In Control of Your Brain? InnerTalk: In Touch, Newsletter: Vol 3 No 11