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  • On this Valentine’s Day, when your attention is brought to the heart and the idea of relationship, I’d like to pose some questions: Who or what established your ideas about love?


  • Can you feel it? Can you feel the magnified field of gratitude in your Twin Flame heart? Our unseen assistants are working overtime, amplifying every bit of love and forgiveness, every bit of gratitude that emanates from within your heart.


  • Let me speak of love, or more particularly, about love-making. Love-making is a literal term. It means to make more love: love not only as an ideal, but more importantly, love as the substance of all creation, both in form and formlessness.

Twin Flame Love – A Paradigm Shift 07/17/12

  • As the most significant galactic alignment in a quarter million years is adjusting the vibration of the planet and all evolving upon it, humanity is being pushed along its evolutionary path at light speed. Our souls are demanding unprecedented paradigm shifts, including those about love and relationships.

The New Resonance of Relationship 02/10/12

  • Love is not experienced in the giving and receiving. It is experienced in the space between. Giving and receiving, the moving of energy, is only a function of the initiation of will in our dimension. Love, in its purest state, is a simple matter of Being – emanating, radiating the core essence of your true identity. It is not in the flow that you experience love – it’s in the silence.

Twin Flames: From Illusion to Freedom 12/4/11

  • As the encoding in your DNA to return to at-one-ment has been awakened, you have witnessed a world-wide sweep in consciousness towards unity, respect and reverence for all life, as well as a personal, powerful magnetic impulse to remember your at-one-ment with God and with your Twin Flame.

Include Closure in your New Beginnings 9/05/11

  • Maybe you were drawn to the Twin Flame information because you were hungry for love and intimacy. Maybe you just long for "The One" or believe you have found "The One". If, however, you attempt to mold your projection of your ideal for a Twin Flame onto a poor, unsuspecting lover instead of becoming the ideal yourself, chances are your lover will usually fail to meet your expectations and the relationship will falter, wither, and die

Twin Flames and Freedom 5/29/2011

  • As the accelerated influx of light envelopes the planet, everything that has held us enslaved in consciousness is being squeezed out to the surface of our awareness.

Love; The Real Thing – The Only Thing 04/29/11

  • Waking from the dream, from the illusions of duality and Separation Consciousness, includes rising into our spiritual maturity and its broader comprehension of Love.

Twin Flame Resurrection 04/23/11

  • Easter, regardless of your religious affiliation, is the eternal story of resurrection, and resurrection is but a remembrance of your perfected God state. The *Twin Flame creation matrix is the fullness of that recollection.

Courage and Action 03/17/11

  • What does Courage look like when you’re dancing between worlds? You’ve been holding a portion of your consciousness focused on the Real through the vortex of your Twin Flame heart. But, you also continually allow yourself to be drawn into the play, sometimes inadvertently and sometimes with intent. And, each time you enter the play, you’re magnetically attracted to the fear that has been created by the mass consciousness of little minds believing they could be separate from God. ...

Preparing Yourself for the Soulmate 03/03/11

  • Recently some of the leading relationship luminaries joined with Arielle Ford and Claire Zammit to offer The Ultimate Soulmate Summit. Together, they provided a wealth of information about the psychology, biology, chemistry and inner spiritual work for those who are seeking a soul mate. ...

Twin Flames - The Ultimate Valentine 02/14/11

  • In the Roman tradition the 14th of February was a day of celebrating Juno, Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. The next day followed with a celebration of fertility; the balanced union of the Feminine and Masculine energies in an act of expressing love in a new form. The Christian church renamed it in honor of St. Valentine...

Holy Relationships 01/25/11

  • We couldn’t expand as souls without the opportunity to see ourselves reflected through relationships. And… all relationships are reflections that help us see ourselves clearly. They exist not only to allow us to witness our evolvement into a loving, compassionate, intelligent and beautiful being, but also to see our frailties and where we hold judgments. All relationships reflect the “Whole-I” and are, therefore, Holy...

Dissolving The Stories 11/02/10

  • Stories - we're addicted to them - addicted to the hero's journey, told over and over and over again - addicted to the drama of the learning process, whether it be fiction, the daily news, or the drama in our own circle of life. BUT, WE ARE NOT OUR STORIES!!! The stories have merely served as an educational format...

Healing The Polarization 03/20/10

  • There is a lot of misinformation circulating about what will happen in 2012. Most of it is fear-based and predicting things like cataclysmic earth changes and the end of the world. In Truth, we have already entered the initial impulse of the Shift of the Ages. We began our ascent up the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th Dimension between the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in November 2003, during an event that was coined Harmonic Concordance. That does not mean, however, that 2012 is not important. It is very significant...

The Awakening Twin Flame Heart 2/23/10

  • Upon first meeting, they instantly recognized the other half of their soul in each other's eyes and the most intense exploration of love swiftly unfolded. There was no need for the ritual of getting to know one another and their loving relationship initiated with powerful intensity. A continual circulation of orgasmic energy pulsed through them and although sexual in nature, it most often culminated in a profound exchange between their hearts rather than their loins. For the first time in their lives they felt absolute unity with another being...

See The Race Through To The End 7/20/09

  • As you already know, we sit poised on the potential of a massive shift in consciousness for humanity. Many prophecies from various cultures have foretold of this shift, yet none of them define the outcome. We are in unchartered territory and are, at this moment, creating what this shift shall look like....

Change The Screen 4/7/09

  • We are daily being challenged in tremendous ways as we make critical shifts on this most beloved planet. You can’t turn on a television, the radio or even your internet browser without being blasted with some sort of gloom and doom drama, and I know it's wearing thin on all our souls...

Expansion Of The Twin Flame Heart Womb 1/18/09

  • Oh, how far we’ve come in the understanding of the power of the Twin Flame Heart Womb. With each Now Moment of opening and surrender to the Will of Love, we will broaden our comprehension of our co-creative potential from within this primary field of Cause which exists outside of time and space….

Twin Flame's Influence In World Affairs 11/14/08

  • Things are heating up, aren't they? And what a wonderful opportunity to bring the real to this dimension.
  • Unity Consiousness
    • The Ancient song of true love is ringing so loudly in your DNA that you can no longer dismiss it...

Choices And Illusions 9/24/08

  • You have been training to hold the vibration of love in the face of the current illusions of collapsing economies, wobbling governments, health crisis, destabilization of relationships, etc...

The Power Of The Twin Flame Heart Womb 5/18/08

  • What exciting times! All around us we see humanity waking. The energetic shifts that look cataclysmic in our individual and collective lives have been bringing to the surface each and every story the ego has ever created to keep us believing in separation and in its world of illusion. Perhaps you believe your ego is your nemesis, but viewing the situation through heart perception, you’ll see the angst that grips your little mind ultimately moves you to surrender to spirit….

Consistent Connection To The River Of Love 4/09/08

  • How to create the magnetic attraction in third dimension
  • Holding the field to Create Heaven on Earth...

Resurrection 3/23/08

  • The matrix shift
  • The wobble and how it affects you
  • Heart Womb manifestation in awakened Twin Flames
  • Heart Field is a state of being
  • Why the new children are off-line...

Twin Flame Plateaus 2/01/08

  • The growing pains of union
  • How to move through them with grace and ease...

Firing The Grid 4/10/08

  • Holding the field of the Real in the World-Wide Meditation...

You Stand On The Threshold Of Freedom 11/14/07

  • Fashioning the New World
  • Expanding God through your Creations
  • Why you draw polarity
  • Responsibly hold the field
  • Surrender your fears
  • The Matrix Shift...

Sacred Sexuality - The Primal Forces Of Creation 11/21/07

The Spin Zone 12/07/07

  • Why old undesired energy patterns are surfacing
  • The Duality Experience
  • The Violet Consuming Flame of Transmutation
  • You are a sovereign creator...