The Soul Connection Network uses visionary art, symbols, video and stories to describe holographic awareness, the holographic universe, the telepathic communication system of the human species, and the unlimited nature of the immortal soul. This site also features the Stories for Transformation energy project, Twin Flame Poetry, and the beautiful transformational artwork of Teka Luttrell.

"Dating for mind, body, and spirit" Are you a yoga single looking for love? Do you value a holistic lifestyle and want to meet green singles? Looking for spiritual singles who understand the "law of attraction"? Welcome to our conscious dating community. We connect conscious singles that share a common goal for a spiritual relationship with others who are like-minded and ready for love.

Twin Flames site and tools including jewelry

Two be One - Art created through the power of Unconditional Love
"Ever since I was a little girl, I searched and finally found my Twin Soul, fully knowing we could only be together for a short while in this lifetime. After he passed on to the Other Side, I started to paint in order to make all of this amazing Journey visible. I paint under the name of Aurora, Goddes of Light, because not only did painting shed light on my process, I think the paintings shed Light of Spirit on everyone.

Where selfish love is the best! Are you ready to answer The Call? Allow us to assist you in sanctifying the sacred spaces within you.

Angelic Human
This website is devoted to those who hear The Call within their hearts, experience the intense knowing within their souls and wish to expand in their re-membrance of that which was initiated before time began. "

"Only when one awakens the love within can they embrace the universe through the abundance of the heart"

National Consultations & Matchmaking Services
Empowered Connections is a sophisticated matchmaking service designed to assist educated, cultured, successful men and women with a strong desire for a committed relationship.

SAY 'YES' TO LOVE. Circle of Light brings SoulMates or Twin Flames together in God's Love through the Say "Yes" to Love series of books and spiritual teachings.

CIRCLE OF LIGHT. Bringing SoulMates or Twin Flames together in God's Love through books and spiritual teachings. Sharing God's Messages about SoulMate Love, conscious relationship, Sacred Sexuality and Christ Consciousness for the spiritual awakening and transformation of the world.

"Change has never been easier with the patented and proven effective InnerTalk technology."

Soul2Soul with Harusami & Friends, an award-winning website devoted to Empowerment, Education, Enlightenment and Entertainment. Providing information and service in intuitive guidance, alternative healing, spirituality, love and sacred sexuality, twin soul/soul mates and more. Psychic readings, free healing requests, community forums and weekly "Ask and Oracle" column. Featuring the Soul2Soul Network, a state-by-state directory of metaphysical, holistic and spiritual practitioners, services, institutions and products.

Visit ancient Celtic and early Christian sacred power sites. Experience for yourself the mystery of Celtic spirituality. Feel their energies as you explore lands rich in legend, myth, folklore and beautiful gardens. As you journey through fertile lands and magnificent countryside, you will be transported back to a time when nature, song, and dance provided food for the soul.

My Circle of Light is a spiritual informational website.

Healing from the Heart is an energy healing and counselling informational website.

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