Angelina's Story

Like you, I have a story with all kinds of twists and turns that provided an incredible education in this world of duality. But, I have discovered I am not my story. Nor are you. The story we tell is but the saga we relay to others when they ask us about ourselves. It is but a fiction, a tangible dream we’ve developed from the string of experiences our souls created to afford our education. And, it is when we fully accept we are the authors of our stories that we truly become empowered.

Nonetheless, many have asked as to my “story”, so I share it freely. A particular experience in 2001 so profoundly affected my life that I felt compelled to share everything I learned about Twin Flames with anyone who would listen.

“And now…”, as Paul Harvey would say, “…for the rest of the story.”

I was not lonely or even looking for my beloved Twin Flame or my perfect mate. I too had spent many years studying the deeper mysteries of life, opening my heart wider and wider as I progressed in my soul’s education. Married with children, I was just the average person involved in the usual family and community situations that define our day to day existence.

Then a most unusual thing happened.

I was asleep, lying next to my husband, when I had a dream. But the dream was lucid and I felt I was very much awake. An energy form lay atop my body and began to kiss me in a very sensual way. It woke me further as I found myself responding wholeheartedly to the kiss as if I was embracing the dearest love of my life from whom I’d been separated for a very long time.

Every cell in my body responded to this lovemaking and although I grew excited in the fashion consistent with our understanding of sexuality, I could feel the major energy centers (chakras) of my body begin to pulse in a dramatic fashion - especially the one located in the heart region. In fact, I feared it would explode and I’d have a heart attack right there.

That thought woke me further still and I sat upright in bed. No one was in the room except my husband lying fast asleep on his side, breathing deeply. I shook my head to clear it, and decided to go to the kitchen for a glass of water, all the while thinking “Hmmm, that was a delicious dream.”

As soon as my head hit the pillow (and this time I was wide awake) it began again in a very tangible, visceral way. Only this time, it was even more bizarre. I found myself exchanging places numerous times with this energy form…literally outside of myself looking back at my face, as if I were making love with me. Tears of gratitude were streaming down my face.

I remember reaching a climax, but it seemed insignificant by comparison to the energy building in my other chakras. Once again, all the energy pulled into my heart region and literally exploded in an orgasmic release of light that was visible to my inner eye. It was like the birthing of a sun that then began to emanate its rays out from my body.

I was held astounded in the pervading peace and love that filled the atmosphere around me….and I could not, for the life of me, figure out how my husband remained asleep next to me whilst this occurred only inches away. Even more amazing was the fact that I felt no sense of infidelity or guilt.

The lovemaking went on all night, with me rising several times to ensure I wasn’t hallucinating or dreaming. Unlike making love in the physical, not once did thoughts of “I’m too old,” or “I’m too fat,” or “I’m married,” enter my mind. I was simply lost in the act of giving love.

The next morning I had to take my son to a four hour tennis clinic far from home. I took my laptop and while he played tennis, I went to the local library and decided to do some work. When I opened a blank document, a story began to pour out of me as if it had already been created in the ethers and I was only transcribing it into the written word. As my fingers flew over the keys, I could feel my invisible lover within my body, once again exciting every atom. This continued every day for thirty three days as the novel, The Teaching of Little Crow, the journey of the soul, was written. When the last word hit the page, my lover disappeared…and I was devastated.

The book contained the story of Twin Flames and their reunion, along with Ascended Master teachings about Twins and soul evolution in general. Although I’d written many things, I’d never written fiction and basically assumed the magical experience was for my eyes alone. I also secretly hoped the incredible energy would return to me in the form of a physical human being. Then I couldn’t figure out what I would do if it did. I was happily married with a beautiful family. But, just like all people who get a “peek” at a transcendent experience, I wanted more and began to fantasize and obsess about having it appear in my outer world.

I have, for many years, worked in a clairsentient and claircognizant manner with the angelic kingdom, and have come to call my particular circle of friends my “air crew”. I began to ask my beloved to join my aircrew in hopes I would be able to experience both the thrill and creativity once again. And though my beloved joined in the daily communications, the relationship was entirely different. When I began to pout about it, I received a kick in the whazoo with a velvet boot.

My aircrew said “If you can’t see your husband as your Twin Flame, you will never see your Twin Flame.”

WHAT?!?!?!?! I tell you truthfully, I pitched a fit, and in my tantrum decided to stop talking to them altogether for a few weeks. When at last I had simmered down, I began to ask in earnest what the whole Twin Flame thing was really about. T’was then the doors to my full education swung open wide. The hardback and audio book that resulted from my initial contact was but a primer for me. It’s a wondrous romance which is encoded in such a way as to reveal its higher truths depending upon the vibratory level of the reader. I cannot tell you how many times I have personally revisited this story and heard things I never heard (or saw) before. Many have written to me describing experiencing the same phenomenon themselves.

Through a massive amount of interior exploration, direct communion with the spirit world, union with my beloved in a different dimension, and countless hours of research, I continue to share what I’ve learned about Twin Flames, Soul Mates and the ultimate At-One-Ment with All That Is through my work. Naturally, all education unfolds in a sequence we can comprehend with our mortal minds and much has been added to my foundation since the writing of Little Crow. As we each add our piece to the larger picture, we’re all enriched and it’s my deepest desire to relay to you what I’ve learned to date. I hope the information herein will act as a bridge of awareness to allow you safe passage on your own soul’s evolution and a swift re-union with your Beloved Twin.

Namaste – Angelina