Angelina's Biography

Angelina Heart

Angelina Heart has spent many years helping people understand the intense longing they have to join with their Twin Flame. As an author, teacher, facilitator and researcher, she has shared her wisdom, knowledge and direct experience with the subjects of Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Twin Souls with countless people world-wide. Her research lends a broader soul understanding about these sacred relationships that blows the ego’s limited view out of the water!

Offerings from Angelina Heart:

  • By popular demand, Angelina's teaching series drawn from her webinars, workshops & seminars
  • ebook & audio MP3 downloadable formats
  • a world-renown audio teaching series about Twin Flames and Soul Mates
  • a multi-award fictional work with Ascended Master teachings about Twin Flames hardback or unabridged, full-cast audio book
  • e-book, Angelina Heart & Catherine Ann Clemett
  • Has True Love eluded you? Learn the secrets of attracting your beloved and discover why your desire for this sacred alliance may be a call from your soul to acheive a higher purpose
  • Multiple meditative techniques to enter into the heart field and communicate with the Twin Flame
  • An advanced dissertation on the physics of Twin Flame and Soul Mate relationships
  • The Original Music Soundtrack for The Teaching of Little Crow
  • Instruction & Meditation; MP3 Download
  • Understanding the Violet Flame & Meditation; MP3 Download
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