The Teaching of Little Crow Soundtrack

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The Teaching of Little Crow
The Journey of the Soul
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Original Music by Steve Lemmon (ASCAP)

    * Composed by Ryan Tilby
    † Composed by Sam Payne, Steve Lemmon, and Ryan Tilby
    ‡ Composed by J. Michael Bailey and Ryan Tilby – from the album
    “The Surface Beneath” (
    Soundtrack music performed by Steve Lemmon and Ryan Tilby with guest appearances by Drew Williams, Sam Payne, and Brittany Tilby

Soundtrack music performed by Steve Lemmon and Ryan Tibly with guest appearances by Drew Williams, Sam Payne, and Brittany Tilby

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The Artists

The original music created to score the audio production of The Teaching of Little Crow was so extraordinary that we had to offer it as a stand-alone item! This fabulous production includes the combined amazing talents of composers, musicians, singers, and lyricists, who are known and respected independent of this particular work. Let us introduce you to a few of them:

STEVE LEMMON (ASCAP): Steve was primarily responsible for the scoring of The Teaching of Little Crow. He not only applies his talent to the audio book industry, but also has scored numerous movies, commercials, and videos. Definitely, we consider Steve a master composer, lyricist and musician, and quite frankly, count ourselves fortunate to have co-created with him. He is the owner of Spiral Studios and has applied his massive talent from the original concept to the final editing of this work, acting not only as a co-producer, composer, musician, singer, but also as the recording engineer! Steve is an independent musician, but also appears with the SAM PAYNE PROJECT and as backup for many other famous artists.

RYAN TILBY: Ryan spent one solid year, day in and day out, recording, editing and engineering Little Crow. His fine tuned ear and impeccable vision and timing is hugely responsible for the success of this project. An amazing musician, composer, and lyricist! His contribution to this production, as with Steve Lemmon, is invaluable! Additionally, Ryan, and his partner, Drew Williams, are well-known bluegrass artists with a number of popular CD’s under their belts, (available on He is a master guitarist, banjo and mandolin player, and vocalist, performing as back up for the SAM PAYNE PROJECT, PETER BREINHOLT, RYAN SHUPE & THE RUBBER BAND. We recommend you google this young artist and follow his career --- for it is skyrocketing! (

DREW WILLIAMS: The majority of the fiddle pieces you hear in the soundtrack are played by this talented young bluegrass artist. Partnering with Ryan Tilby, these two artists are making a large dent in their specialized niche and we were so fortunate to have them both perform for Little Crow. (

SAM PAYNE: Sam brought his unique vocal style to several of our selections, and we so loved one of his original tunes that he graciously allowed us to include it in Little Crow. Sam is a Utah icon, a poet, musician, composer, vocalist and lyricist. We were thrilled when he agreed to play a small part in our production. With multiple CD’s to his credit, we hope you will explore some of his extraordinary work! (

BRITTANY TILBY: We knew the song “Sacred” required a special violin touch, and though we tried it with a celtic fiddle feel, it just didn’t quite meet our needs. Brittany Tilby, (wife of Ryan Tilby) is a fabulous violinist in the classical tradition and when Ryan suggested we have her come into the studio and apply her art to this song, we were hesitant…. BOY did she blow us out of the water! Her art was exactly, precisely what this piece needed… and we think this song is one of the highlights of this production! We think you’ll agree.

J. MICHAEL BAILEY: We had included a beautiful instrumental piece written by Ryan Tilby within some of our Native American scenes. When it came time to create the soundtrack, Ryan suggested we hear the lyrics and performance of Michael Bailey….lyrics that aligned with the major theme of Little Crow --- the transformation of the soul. We were overwhelmed, not only by the lyrics, but by Michael’s performance and immediately made contact to see if we could include Let Me Fly in the soundtrack. An amazing talent, we highly recommend you check out his cd, From The Surface Beneath. (

Song Lyrics

Heart Fire

Angelina Heart

Was it your heart fire
Or was it mine
That answered the distant call Divine
Submerged, entwined,
in a love so surreal
That deep inside only we two could feel

It was your heart fire,
Deep, strong and true
It was your heart fire
That drew me to you

You reached out to help me
Made me to see
What I longed for
Was right there in me
And from the cold ashes
The phoenix now flies
With new eye’s vision
Takes to the skies

Was it your heart fire
That saw the real me?
Babe, it's your heart fire
That sets my soul free

In darkest moments
The path disappeared
My wings would falter
My heart filled with fear
But, you sent a heart fire
To light up the way
Erased all of the darkness
Brought light to the day

It was my heart fire
Proud, sure, and free
It was my heart fire,
That just couldn’t see
Now it’s my heart fire
Deep, strong, and true
Babe, it’s my heart fire
That brings me to you
That seals me to you







Music Production

The Teaching of Little Crow, the journey of the soul by Angelina Heart AND the original musical soundtrack were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Spiral Studios ( in St. George, Utah. (435) 652-9595

Produced by Heart Flame Audio and Spiral Studios.

CD Price
Retail: $18.00
Direct From Publisher: $15.00
MP3 Download Price: $15.00