The Teaching of Little Crow - Audio Book

The Teaching of Little Crow
The Journey of the Soul
Angelina Heart

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About The Book

There are few mortals, including those involved in meaningful relationships, who have not dreamed of or longed for the Divine Love of their soul’s true mate. This sacred duo has been referred to by many names: Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Twin Souls, Divine Lovers, and so on. The yearning is actually genetically encoded within the DNA to ensure conscious reunion when both halves have reached a specific level of soul evolvement.

The Teaching of Little Crow is the compelling story of Twin Flames and the spiritual require-ments each must meet in order to rise to Love’s True Standard. It has been hailed as some of the best spiritual “edu-tainment” to come along in years.

Woven within this romantic tale are Ascended Master teachings about Twin Flames as well as instruction and insight into:

  • Man's Inseparable Relationship to God and his Twin Flame
  • Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Karmic Relationships
  • Why Twin Flame Reunion Transcends all Other Love
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • The Purpose of Divine Discontent
  • Man's Co-creative Powers and Responsibility to all Life
  • Explanation of the Tripartite Heart Flame
  • The Power of the Spoken Word and Use of God's Holy Name
  • The Physics of Karma and the Great Circle of Life
  • The Law of Abundance
  • The Law of Forgiveness & the use of the Violet Flame
  • Assistance from the Hierarchal Orders
  • Connecting to Universal Consciousness
  • The Ego's Traps
  • Healing the Four Lower Bodies
  • Holding the Light and Truth for Others

An inspiring story that both satisfies the hungry heart and enlightens the hungry soul!

The Teaching of Little Crow
The Journey of the Soul

16-CD Set: $32.96
Download Version: $26.95

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Publisher: Heart Flame Publishing
Publication Date: 2001/2005 © Angelina Heart
Audio Production: 2006 Heart Flame Publishing- All Rights Reserved
ISBN: 0-9726618-1-6